“Welcome to my page”


I am naturally Dominant, strong willed, controlling and of course beautiful.

     . ...            Impress Me     Surprise Me.     Indulge Me.      Serve Me.




                                                            My Rules 


 ➊- In First thing, I'm not an institution of charities If you want to play with       me, pay for it, or get out ,Now.
 ➋ -You want attention? Show me that you are worthy of my precious time. I      do not waste my time with losers.
 ➌ -If you do not show me you deserve my attention, do not be barking in my      IM, complaining, I give attention to those who serve me the way I want.
 ➍ -Do you want to play with me? OK, let's go , start paying me.
 ➎ -Do not come in my IM promising me the world, words do not impress            me, show me attitudes.